How to Care for a Goat

This article will show you what kind of toys your goat will like, the best food to feed him, good shelters, and more. If you have any questions feel free to post it on the discussion page or add here.

1. Put in good fencing. The fencing for your goat should be tall enough for your goat to stay in and to keep predators out. About five feet tall is good.

2. Help them to climb a lot. Goats love to climb so give them toys that would involve climbing. They may also enjoy something like a seesaw, which allows them to balance and move up and down in the same climbing method.

3. Feed properly. A healthy goat diet consists of hay, and concentrates like oats, bran, and barley. Keep all food off the ground to prevent mold and insects from eating or infesting it. If you choose to you can put the feed in water proof trash cans it will keep it elevated and clean. If food is kept on the ground, it could cause diseases. Also allow permanent access to water and provide a salt-lick block.

4. Groom. A complete grooming consists of a long bath and thorough brushing.

5. Trim. Trimming the hooves once a month is a great procedure and does not take a lot of effort> If you don't want your goat's hooves to bend, crack, or get infected make sure you trim them once a month.

6. Provide adequate shelter. Goats can live in a small shed or large dog house. The shelter should be well ventilated but free from drafts. The bedding should be made of straw. A concrete floor is expensive, but easy to maintain.

7. Be aware of bloating. Giving them too much lush green food can cause them to bloat and this can kill them if not treated.