Goats by Breed - Malabari

Distribution: Calicut, Cannannore and Malapuram districts of Kerala.

Numbers: The total goat population in the Malabari distribution area, according to the 1972 census, was 0.389 m, of which 0.028 m adult males and 0.193 m adult females.


Breed Characteristics:

Conformation: Medium-sized animals. Coat color varies widely from completely white to completely black. 31% of the goats have long hair. Males and a small percentage of females (13%) are bearded. Both sexes have small, slightly twisted, horns, directed outward and upward. Ears are medium-sized, directed outward and downward; ear length: 16.20 +- 0.17 cm. Tail is small and thin; tail length: 13.16 +- 0.06 cm . Udder is small and round, with medium-sized teats.

Flock structure: The average flock contains 5.44 individuals (range: 1 to 15), of which 0.40 bucks, 2.02 does and 3.02 kids. Two thirds of flocks do not maintain a breeding male.


Mortality %:





Breeding: Pure breeding except in very limited areas near Mannuthy, where cross-breeding with Alpine and Saanen has been undertaken by the Kerala Agricultural University. The cross-breeds showed improvement both in reproduction and milk production.



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